LIFE WANTS TO LIVE! First Spark is a sculture by Ronald Whitwam displayed in the 2011 Grand Rapids Art Prize, and the 2012 Grand Haven Art Walk.
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Information Release
By Ronald Whitwam

The sculpture First Spark is being shown at the Grand Haven ArtWalk 2012 from September 19 to October 6, 2012. It previously was displayed in the 2011 ArtPrize competition at Downtown Courtyard by Marriott in Grand Rapids from September 21 to October 9, 2011.

First Spark conveys the message of the value a new life holds and proclaims that "Life wants to live". Included in the presentation are eleven unique, first person inferences that shout out "I exist, I have value, I want to live!"

Also available from the artist is an essay titled Life Wants To Live. This is a unique, temporal reasoning for the value a new life holds.

The artist is inviting you to view his work and reflect on your own personal views about life and life choices. Knowing life as you know it now, what would you think your life view would have been at your first spark? How might these thoughts affect your current views about life's value and supporting life's needs?

Community leaders are invited to use this occasion to focus community views on life choices and life nurturing issues. With their learned philosophic, religious, scientific and political views, as they face the reality of this little spark, what would they say our society's collective view should be regarding its life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?

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