LIFE WANTS TO LIVE! First Spark is a sculture by Ronald Whitwam displayed in the 2011 Grand Rapids Art Prize, and the 2012 Grand Haven Art Walk.
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A Poem by Ronald Whitwam
"In Quest of Purpose"

At that first spark of life we each shout to the world,
"i am! i exist! i have the hope of purpose!"

There is an inherent "life right" to live, to grow, to be born to fulfill our life purpose.

But before some can be born their hope is dashed by those who think, "That little i am conflicts with my purpose."

There are even those who act, or look away as others act, to end the life of the little i am, to avoid the conflict with their own purpose.

For those who prevail to be born, a quest begins with "Who am i? Why am i here? Where am i going? What is my purpose?

As we struggle with answers that fail to satisfy, we devise our own selfish purpose.

Inevitably our selfish purpose clashes with others and their selfish purpose.

Doubt, disappointment and despair, raise questions in us as to whether we even have a purpose.

Then some wisely ask, "Who made me? Where do they exist? When they made me what was their purpose?

Those who listen and hear the answer become aware that we are all intended for the same great purpose.

There is fulfillment for those who choose to submit to the will of the one who says, "I AM that I AM. I created you for my perfect purpose."

Romans 8:29 to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn among many brothers.

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All Rights Reserved © 2012 First Spark

All Rights Reserved © 2012 First Spark